The Magus Secure Limited 1 Year Warranty will come into effect from the date of invoice of the products supplied to the end customer and will be valid till the original end user continues to own or use the product. In the event of discontinuance of product supply, Magus Secure warranty support is limited to 1 year from the announcement of discontinuance. Coverage terminates if the original purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product. This WARRANTY is for products branded as “Magus Secure” supplied by “Magus Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd” (Magus) only. No other brands of product or unbranded products are covered under this WARRANTY.

1. The WARRANTY DOES NOT cover the following:

a. Any alteration of the equipment or repairs made by third parties during the WARRANTY period.
b. The shifting of any products including but not limited to cables, cameras and DVRs.
c. Service required for loss of back-up storage as a result of non-compatible software or due to improper software use or software virus.
d. Consumable items, including, but not limited to: batteries, cables and other accessories.
e. Damage or failure caused by conditions beyond Magus’s control such as burn, freezing, wiring, rust, corrosion, power surge, infestation, negligence, abuse, misuse, acts of God.
f. Failure to follow Magus’s recommended maintenance and installation guidelines.
g. Failure to use specified power supply & accessories as recommended by Magus.

2. All materials should be tested for the said fault before sending the material.

3. Material should be checked for scratches, PCB, IR functioning, broken glass and tampering etc. before accepting from the customer.

4. The RMA (Return Material Authorization) form and proof of purchase (invoice copy) mandatory required with materials being sent for repair.

5. If given material is non-repairable, it will be replaced with an old/new material of the same or similar model no at the sole discretion of Magus.

6. Company will repair the product for any manufacturing defect covered in the warranty except in the following conditions:

a. If the said fault is caused because of tampering with the product (seal broken).
b. If the connectors or wire is cut.
c. If glass is broken or any other physical damage has been done to the material.

7. For all out of warranty or warranty void or without invoice cases, all repairs will be made only after receipt of repairing charges.

8. All Faulty parts (under Warranty) will be repaired/ replaced within 15 days,subjective to availability of spares.

9. Accessories are not covered under warranty, unless specified otherwise.

10. Normal wear and tear of items such as movable parts, consumable items, bulbs is not included in the warranty.

11. On Site Service will available on chargeable basis only. Charges will be confirmed as per site location

12. Step by Step support process
Step 1: Telephonic or Verbal communication/ support will be given to check any fault.
Step 2: Online support via Team viewer- To check any software related issue.
Step 3: Material need to send to HO (New Delhi)in case of any Hardware/ Software related fault.

13. All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.