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VMS – IPC Manager



       Simple, Flexible and Scalable – HD Software – The demand for HD IP surveillance systems is growing, and the adoption of IP video is ever increasing. Magus Secure offers Video Monitoring Software, which can be installed on your own hardware with a Microsoft Windows platform for Remote monitoring, Management and Control. It is a scalable security system based on client/server configuration.

       ONVIF – an open standard protocol for IP-based security products is a global standard interface and can support many major brands & models under a single system.

       Standardization of communication between IP-based physical security products.

       Interoperability between IP-based physical security products regardless of manufacturer.

       Open to all companies and organizations. 

                The ONVIF specification defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligence metadata.

       P2P Relay Server: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network is a decentralized concept and will have server & client software. With this the customer can setup their own server and all the contents and resources will be shared in this group only. It enables privacy & data security.

       It offers plug n play connectivity in remote viewing, where else IE browser may block content or it may require a lot of setting.

       Online users are virtually unlimited per server, where as standalone IP cameras & NVRs will have restriction for 5 to 10users.

       Software for PC & Mobile offers flexibility in remote viewing.

       Multi-site/ Multi-server: CMS (IPC Manager Client) Client  supports 256CH (4nos IPC manger 64Ch each)

                  •    Playback: Calendar/Time, File List & Event List made file search and easy / quick playback and also it supports multi-channels playback up to 25 channels of recorded video. SVR supports local and remote playback, fast forward speed supports at 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x.

       Backup:  The recorded data can be archived for backup purposes. AVI format supports any 3rd party utility to play backup files.

      •       Virtual Joystick: Supports PTZ control, Preset Position and Tour Function.

       Alarm Notification:  Event can generate 9 types of notifications like e-Mail Alert, SMS, Run Program, Camera Pop-up, E-Map Notification, PTZ Activation, Play Sound, Snap Shot and Event Record.

       E-Map displays the monitoring area in layout, in which the operator can easily locate the cameras and also manage hundreds of camera on a single system. The operator can manage the alarms triggered by any IP camera & analytical rules. If any event takes place there will be changes in map display and by double-clicking any camera, the operator can check the alarms.

       Graphical User Interface: User-friendly interface provides easy options like Channel Selection, Recording, Playback, Backup, Controlling of PTZ & Enabling P2P Relay Server etc.

       User Authority Management: Supports unlimited number of users with detailed and fully customizable user privilege for each user.

       Status Display: The operator can check the system resources like HDD space, CPU & memory utilization. With this data streaming can be monitored and blocked if flow rate is too high.

       Privacy Mask: Protect privacy of the sensitive images by blocking out sensitive areas from view and covering the areas with black boxes in live, playback and exported video.

       Watermark: Protect for original recording from alternation with the watermark verification tool.

       Supports Digital Zoom in Live & Playback.

       Mirror Recording Server: This can be called as Failover server in critical applications. 1 IP camera can be put on multiple recording servers. In case main server fails, recording will be available on mirror recording server and this ensures continuous system availability.


Video Monitoring  Server     (VMS)

Software Name

IPC Manager

Cameras per Server


Number of Server


Schedule Record

Not Supported

Playback Channel

16Ch Local Playback

Search Type

Calendar/ File Search

Relay Server (P2P)


Maximum Online users


Third-party Camera Integration

Not Supported

Video Analytics

General Motion

Types of Alerts


Email Notification

SMS Notification

Camera Pop-up

File Execute

PTZ Activation

Play Sound

E-Map Notification

Snap Shot

Clip Recording

E-Map function




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