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PTZ Keyboard Controller – MAKC01


 • Allows speed dome/PTZ camera selection & control.
• Variable speed 3D Joystick controls Pan/Tilt and Zoom, allowing seamless tracking.
• Live control operation made simple for centralized control room operation.
• 2Line LCD Display for selection & control.
• Dedicated buttons for preset, auto scan & cruise.
• Maximum of 254 cameras supported per keyboard.
• Dual channel RS485 telemetry port for camera control.
• D Type telemetry can support maximum 1200mtr.
• Rugged body construction & larger mechanical keypad provides high reliability and durability of the product. 

Control Equipment Speed dome Camera / Zoom Camera / Receiver
Camera Protocols Pelco D & Pelco P
DVR Protocol N/A
Baud Rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Display 2Line LCD dot matrix display
DATA format RS 485
Maximum cable length 1200mtr + 1200mtr distance can support 2 individual data’s
Cable Type Screened twisted pair cable should be used, Belden 9841 or 9842 Data cable recommended
Wiring format Daisy Chain or “straight line” configuration need to be used. (“Star” or “Stubs” is not recommended)
Termination Cable should be terminated with a 120 ohm (MFR & 1/4Watt)
Power Adaptor SMPS Input 100V ~ 240AC & Output 12V DC 1AMP
External Interface
Communication port 3Pin Plug for RS485 Telemetry control x 2nos
Power connector DC Socket (Female)
Product Dimensions 255mm x 159mm x 105mm X (L x W x H)
Box Dimensions 335mm x 224mm x 140mm (L x W x H)
Gross weight 1400gm
Accessories Power adaptor, User manual
Temperature & Humidity +0°C ~ +50°C / 30% ~ 90% RH

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