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Passive Balun – MABP01



• Video transmission over long distance up to 300mtrs
• Superb quality on long range transmission
• Compact size
• Built-in Transient protection
• Reduces cable interference, netting & ghost images
• Fast and easy Tool-less, installs in seconds
• Supports group of 4 camera in single cat-5 STP cable
• Full motion picture
• No power required. 


Video & Audio
Video Frequency response:DC-6Mhz common-mode/differential-mode rejection:15Khz 6Mhz 60db type
Audio No
Impedance Coax 25mtrs max, 75Ω & UTP(Screwless) data connector:100Ω
Surge protector 6000V 1.2µ S ` 5µ S
Video Settings No
UTP Port Self-Contained IDC connection
Power No
Cable recommended One twisted pair 24-16AWG(0.5-1.31mm) per video signal:DC Loop resistance 52 ohms per 305mtrs

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