Speed Dome Cameras

Overview : Speed Dome Camera

Speed dome cameras range from premium series to budget series.The premium series consisting of model nos. MCLSDIR5623X, MCSDIR5623X & MCSDDN5637X are intelligent speed domes. During ideal periods they can execute any one of the 142 functions timely and automatically. Its Samsung Module- Winner 5 chipset produces high resolution images. Zoom lens and IR illumination is synchronized to produce clear images during zoom-in & zoom-out conditions at nights in MCLSDIR5623X & MCSDIR5623X, whereas the powerful zoom lens of MCSDDN5637X helps in monitoring long distances with higher image quality.

The budget series are the basic level speed domes loaded with zoom, preset and auto functions.


Premium Series ( Samsung Module)

HQIS Series
Basic Series (CCD)